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Hello everyone

Last week was a good week considering the circumstances.  I felt we all did a great job in the clinic being aware of our surroundings and keeping everyone separated as much as possible.  Having such a large waiting area has made it easier to provide safe distances.  Some clients have utilized the parking lot drop off where our staff will receive your pet in the parking lot, bring into the clinic, take a history over the phone and we will do what is required and bring them back to you.  Also, the product pickup table in the front entrance has been well received and used a lot in the past week.  We have tried our hardest to limit the amount of clients in the waiting area by putting them in an exam room immediately upon arrival thus isolating from others.  However, we have identified more areas where we can limit the exposure to our staff as well as others.

  1.  Allowing only one person in the exam room with their pet.  This person needs to be over 18 and knowledgeable of the pet and is in good health.  This will reduce exposure to our staff members.
  2. Temporarily reducing our hours on Wednesdays from 8:30am to 1:00pm.  We do not do appointments on Wednesday afternoon anyway so reducing a few hours will reduce exposure possibility to our staff.  If you need to pick something up after this time we can set it out front for you.
  3.  We will be offering when you are in to get your spring preventative program started.  This would comprise of getting a parasitic screening for Lyme, Heartworm, Anaplasma and Ehrlichia.  As well, get started at this time on flea and tick prevention.  This hopefully will reduce the need to come back for another appointment later.
  4. If you don’t have an upcoming appointment, we can dispense Flea and Tick medication at this time without an appointment and is recommended as ticks are on the hunt.  If we have a weight on your pet in the last year (as long as they were full grown at the time) we can start on prevention for fleas and ticks.  You can call and we will get it ready and place it on the pickup table in the front entrance.  Payment can be made over the phone with credit card, via e-transfer or our mobile terminal.

As mentioned before, the easiest way to order and pay for your food and supplies is online using our Vetstore.  Free home delivery over $125 or flat rate shipping of $10 per order,  or free pick-up at the clinic.

Click Here to Visit myVETstore

I am hoping these additional changes can help reduce the overall exposure to our staff and our clients as well as provide the necessary products to keep your pets free from parasites at this time of year when ticks can be at their worst.  Thank you again for being understanding as we try to navigate through this time.

Dr. Brent Robinson