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Starting April 29th 2020, we are offering Video Teleconferencing through our Rapport service.

Here’s how it works:

1: Call the clinic and explain the situation. (Please take note of the temporary change in clinic hours in the footer)

2: One of our trained staff will determine if your pets’ situation can be assessed over video teleconference or need to be seen physically.

3: If the condition can be assessed over video teleconferencing, an appointment will be made by the staff member at a time when you will be home with your pet. At the time of booking we will be asking for or confirming a valid email address and/or a number where an SMS text message can be sent.

4: You will receive an invitation to join the telemedicine conference by email and/or text message. Click on the link to confirm and a countdown will start till the beginning of the teleconference.

5: At the time of the appointment when Dr. Robinson starts the session you will be prompted by the application to use your camera and microphone – please accept

6: Be prepared to be able to show the area in question or be able to demonstrate the issue. Having a second person on hand helps to get the perfect camera shot. It is important to have a good history of the length of time the issue has been going on and the progression of the problem. Also, note any change in behavior, drinking, urinations and bowel movements etc… (You will see a screen like this one — only Dr. Robinson will be in the big screen)

Video Telemedicine Consultations

7: After Dr. Robinson has assessed the situation by sight, using the current/previous history, by asking you questions and your description of how things smell and feel (you will be his nose and hands) he can diagnose and prescribe the appropriate medications if needed.

8: Once the medications have been prepared, you will receive a call from a staff member going over how to give the medications and to review the invoice which can be paid via credit card over the phone or via e-transfer to [email protected] and the medications/products will be placed in the pick-up bins outside the clinic organized in alphabetical order by last name.

9: Because this service takes both Dr. Robinsons and our staff time we are charging a $50.00 teleconferencing fee for a  15 min session which is less than our regular office call.

We did our first trial case today and it was fantastic! The video quality was great and much better than looking at still photos on email. We hope this way of meeting during this time will be of benefit to you and especially your pet.

We hope everyone is well and are looking forward to seeing you soon. Take care.

P.S. Visit our YouTube channel – like and subscribe to the channel for more great videos – next up…. The difference between all those flea and tick medications out there.  Look for that in the next few days along with how we plan to get your pets parasitic screening done this year with minimal contact.