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Dentistry Table

Oral Dental Health

Oral dental health is very important to your pets well being. Periodental disease is the build up of plaque and bacteria on the teeth leading to tartar.

This build up will cause inflammation and infection in the gums as well as BAD BREATH, causing severve pain and discomfort. Oral infection may also lead to infection internally affecting major organs.

Education on how to prevent dental disease from happening is the key to better oral health. But, if your pet already has a dental problem the teeth require a professional cleaning by performing a dental scaling + polishing while under anesthesia. At this time it is possible that teeth that are loose or have excessive root exposure may need to be extracted.

See sample permission form – please read so you understand what you are signing upon admission. If you have any questions please let us know at drop off time.

Dentistry Figure 1

Figure 1 is of a patient before a dental prophy (scaling and polishing). Notice all the heavy tartar (brown build-up) present on all the teeth. If left in the mouth, this will cause severe periodontal disease causing loose teeth and can lead to severe organ disease including the heart, kidney and liver.

Dentistry Figure 2

Figure 2 is of the same patient after a dental scaling and polishing. Notice how white the teeth are under that tartar. This patients health has been greatly improved now that the teeth are cleaned. Many disease potentials have been stopped in their tracks.