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This time of year we are thankful for many things.  Celebrating with family and friends can be fun but there are dangers to be aware of for your pet.

  1. Turkey Bones – do not feed bones to your pet.  These items do not break down very well in the digestive tract and do not digest well.  As well, they can have sharp edges and perforate the lining of the stomach or intestine.
  2.  Gravy – gravy is basically fat.  High fat meals can cause pancreatitis which can be life threatening.  Gravy can also cause generic vomiting and diarrhea which can be a messy situation not to mention making your pet feel crummy.
  3.  Onions- many dishes can be prepared with onions.  Onions can cause anemia in pets and should be avoided.  Even Onion powder can cause serious blood issues
  4.  Everything else – Basically it is not recommended to share any of your thanksgiving meal with your pet because any change in their current diet can cause an upset digestive tract and cause vomiting and diarrhea.

What to do if your pet suddenly has Diarrhea and Vomiting and you suspect they have gotten into your thanksgiving meal –

If he/she is bright and alert we suggest taking off food for 24-36 hours to rest the GI tract.  Water is fine in small amounts given frequently.  After the fast then start slowly with a bland diet which is low fat like chicken and rice (1/2 cup to start) if no vomiting or diarrhea after 1-2 hours then give a little more – slowly increase amount over the day.

If your pet becomes lethargic and sore in the abdomen then you should seek veterinary care.

Call us at the clinic 519-542-9588 during regular business hours or our Advice line out of hours and we can direct you on the best course of action.